If someone gave you the chance to meet your favorite designer since childhood, what would you do? I screamed with excitement when I saw the opportunity in my inbox! I never thought I would get the chance!

The day had finally come to meet fashion icon Betsey Johnson. I was very excited and I wasn’t the only one! Macy’s Somerset Collection had what seemed like a never ending line of people who were waiting to meet Betsey Johnson. Some were even dressed in fashion pieces created by Johnson. The event was such a grand affair, hosted by celebrity blogger and tv personality, Micah Jesse, a awesome DJ, and Betsey Johnson newest collection. It was definitely an event I’m glad I didn’t miss!

As I made my way up the escalator to the executive office of Macy’s to meet Betsey Johnson I was super anxious. However, that feeling quickly went away. As soon as I stepped into the room,  she gave me the warmest welcome. It honestly felt like I was talking to someone that I have known for sometime.

While I sat across from this “fashion icon,” I asked her,  “What did she consider to be her greatest achievement? Without any hesitation, she responded with, “My daughter, Lulu.”

She hilariously told me that she is no longer doing too many of her signature cartwheels to close her shows these days, but she still does the occasional splits. Betsey shared with me that the secret behind not falling while doing cartwheels after her shows was to use double stick scotch tape in the palm of her hands.

She also gave me insight into her future plans to release a book; but she let it be known that it will mostly be filled with pictures (how cool right? I will definitely keep an eye out b/c I will be adding that to my library). Betsey concluded our brief session by telling me that if she weren’t a designer, she would be a florist so that she could still be a creative.

Thank you Macy’s Somerset Collection for allowing me to not only meet but interview this amazing designer and beautiful soul. She truly was a gem!

Me and fashion Icon, Betsey Johnson