As a person who is always talking to people and constantly having to be in someone’s face my smile is very important to me. Many times the thought of whitening my teeth came to mind but I wasn’t really sure. Until I discovered smile brilliant and found out how easy it would be to finally get my smile perfect.

Being a mother of two little ones, working outside of my home and being a blogger leaves little to no time for myself. With smile brilliant they make everything so easy for you by mailing everything you need right to your door step. The process is pretty easy and once the impressions are made you have about a 1 week wait to receive your custom fitted trays. Yes that’s right you will receive custom fit trays to make this process custom to you.

Once I received my trays in the mail it was game time and I was so excited. Let me be honest I was a bit nervous I hate the dentist and I thought this process would be just as scary. I am happy to say it was super easy and it didn’t hurt a bit. The brochure that comes with the kit prepares you for everything and as long as you follow it then your process should be pretty easy.

When I first started using the kit I could only last with each product being on my teeth for 30 minutes but after time went by I realized it became easier for me to keep them on a bit longer each time. Also speaking of easy my favorite time to whiten my teeth was as I binged watched my favorite shows in bed. After about a little over a week I started to fall more in love with my smile b/c my teeth were actually white.

If you are like me and your smile is important to you but you are a woman on the go then Smile Brilliant is perfect for you.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Before Smile Brilliant

After Smile Brilliant