It’s that time of the year again where we are taking spring vacations and soon we will be on our way to summer vacations. That means lots of pools and water activities. Which means if your child(ren) haven’t taken swim lessons its no time like the present to get them enrolled in a school now. It is reported that drowning remains the number 1 cause of injury related death among children ages 1 to 4. So get those babies enrolled now, it is recommended to start them in lessons as young as 1 years of age.

This year it was very important for me to get my boys Gavin(4) and Gabe(6) into a swim school that teaches the importance of water safety and also teaches them how to swim. Every summer we take a family vacation and they cant enjoy the pool as they should because of water fears. That’s why when Goldfish swim reached out to me For partnership to get my boys in a class I was 100% on board. With every lesson they receive my boys are more excited each time for the following week to get back to lessons.

The thing I enjoy most about Goldfish swim is that the lessons are 30 minutes in length. That way it isn’t overwhelming for my kids and it gives them just the right amount of time to work with the instructor. I also love how at the end of each class I get to see how my child has improved and also talk to the instructor on what They need to work on moving forward. Goldfish swim instructors are amazing because I’ve watched them in each class Ive been to review things they need to learn, make the experience fun and also review water safety such as the proper way to get out of the pool. They also have a lifeguard on duty at all times during swim lessons to insure double safety.

My family loves Goldfish swim and are happy to be apart of the family! The staff and facility is very welcoming and clean. They are set up with everything you could need while there. If you have any questions for me fill free to drop them in the comments. However if you are interested in your child(ren) attending Goldfish swim I will drop a link below for you to check it out.

I want to check out Goldfish swim