Now I wrote this post with bloggers in mind, but these categories can definitely apply to those who are not bloggers and just want to be boss babes in their own lives. Being a boss babe is a mentality and if you handle your business (personal and professional) then you are on your way to becoming a certified boss babe. 


What is a Boss Babe? 

I am constantly trying to define what a boss is because most of us strive to become bosses (in one way or another). The definition that I have come up with is, “an individual that is striving for progression and productivity in their finances, fitness/health, and mental prosperity”. I totally made up that definition, but I like it because it encompasses the overall qualities of some of the top boss babes in the game. If you are actually working towards bettering yourself in those three categories, then you are a total boss babe. My journey, which I lovingly call Boss Life in Progress, is documented to show you that anyone can become a boss babe if they have the drive, the hustle, and the support system. 



When I first started this journey, I had to shake loose all the negative thoughts that we all have in any given situation. “What if they don’t like it”, or “what if someone tries to troll me” were two of my biggest hurdles to overcome. I really cared about the opinions of others and I let that stop me from moving forward for way too long. It is difficult to brush off the haters and those who always have something negative to say but you have to realize that they are just another obstacle that you can overcome. 

I had to shift my mindset into a place where I was happy with who I was. My work is still progressing, but I am learning every day. You have to train yourself in the art of having tough skin if you are going to be a boss babe. People will question you all day, every day and many won’t understand your decisions. They will offer their two cents, but it won’t be helpful constructive criticism. You have to have the mindset of a boss and take it with a grain of salt and keep it pushing. 



I would be nothing without a pen and a piece of paper. I write down my schedule for blog post, filming Youtube videos, and promotion. If you are not writing down your ideas and schedule, then that may be why you are super flustered. A boss babe writes her goals down and then works towards them. Your ideas and knowledge are the bread and butter of your life. As a blogger babe, I pull inspiration from the daily life and struggles that I see people going through. It fuels me to write down my ideas and schedule out my work so that I can cover as much as possible. 


Money Management 

Let’s face it!! We have all have different money problems and there is no one size fits all. I go over a lot of different budget options on my page because I know everyone is not the same. Some people like that strict no spend motto and others are like me (YOLO!!) and have to work a little harder to get a budget together. No matter what you do, your money needs to be managed. It takes money to make money, but I am not one for throwing money at people for no reason. You can start an amazing blog for less than you think!! Learning money management skills is essential for everyone because most of us are not infinitely rich and need to take responsibility for our finances. This is especially true for business owners and your blog is a BUSINESS. You need to treat you blog as a business from the beginning and invest in it. 

I understand the hesitation in paying for something that is not guaranteed but it’s a step towards financial freedom. My blog started with my desire to help people that were uncertain in how to become the person that they wanted to be, as well as, talking about #adulting. Imagine how you could help yourself and others through better money management skills. Let your boss journey in life be the inspiration for others!!

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Lastly, I wanted to talk about collaboration. This could be with other bloggers, sponsors, or content creators.  If you collaborate with others, you are gaining more visibility while providing a platform for someone else within your audience. I love collaborating because it shows a sense of creativeness when two people come together to create content. I also can’t wait to work with all kinds of brands to promote products that I actually believe in.  Don’t be afraid to collab with others because no matter how it turns out there is always a lesson to learn. Women need to get in the habit of working with other women to uplift and elevate each other. We are not here to tear others down. We are here to work together to produce beautiful and meaningful connections with each other. 


Boss Babe Bloggers or Just Boss Babes

Just be yourself and hold yourself to standards when it comes to your personal and professional life. Boss babes are women who live their truth and don’t let others compromise their values and beliefs. Let’s work together to continue being Boss Babes!! 



Jordan AKA Boss Life in Progress