Shopping on a budget is my absolute expertise. I have always enjoyed finding things for the low and still looking good. It feels good not to break the bank and still look like you spent the big bucks. I remember always playing that game with my mom”you wont believe how much I paid for this”. Hopefully I can help you do the same because who doesn’t like saving a coin.

Shop the sale rack

Before you look at anything else it is a must you stop at the sales rack first. Trust me when I say you do not want to sleep on shopping the sales. You never know what you can mix and match with the things that you find. When you shop the sales rack make sure you go to stores that aren’t highly shopped. For me here in Michigan hitting the stores in the suburbs are your best bet. Also knowing the stores markdown schedule helps. That ways you wont get the items that’s are picked over. If it happens to be one of your favorites stores try to frequent as much as possible.

Follow your Favorite stores on Instagram

I got this cute dress I’m pictured in from Fly Behavior. Thankfully I am following them on Instagram and when they were having a sample sale I grabbed this cute little number. I got it for such a good price but had I not been following them I wouldn’t have known. Not only that a lot of retailers have flash sales that you would be clueless of if you didn’t follow there Instagram page. I have caught a lot of my favorite small business owners sales right on Instagram.

Shop Thrift

You honestly never know what you can find at a thrift store. I believe in shopping thrift stores in upscale neighborhoods. A lot of people look down on thrift stores but I have found so many gems. Ive found items with tags still on them as well as vintage pieces made of better fabrics then the clothes that are being made these days. When you go to the thrift store remember to keep an open mind. Also make sure you go with a goal in mind.

Shop low end stores

Some of your favorites celebrities and well known influencers shop at spots you may never believe. I saw on Instagram that a celebrity bought a sweatsuit from Walmart and I am all for it. My shades in this photo are from Citi Trends and I got them $3.99. I also got my shoes from Citi Trends as well for only $16.99. I believe in mixing and matching pieces from low end to high end.

*Bonus facts:

Guys I have hooked up with this amazing new photographer who made this whole shoot possible. She said that she saw this house with these amazing older cars and stopped by to see if they wouldn’t mind her doing a shoot there and they agreed. The house belonged to an older couple and they were the sweetest ever. He kept asking could he do anything to help. They allowed my son to run around the yard. It was such a great experience because now and days you just don’t meet people like that anymore.

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