Neon is one of the trends of 2019 and although it took me a minute to get there I am here and absolutely enjoying it. The bright colors are for sure an eye catcher and can be a bit overwhelming. However if you do it right I promise you’ll end up just like me screaming Neon all spring and summer long. Ok, maybe not but trust me I’m almost positive your going to want to add a little neon to your closet after this.

Neon can be a really fun look to try out. From the lime green, and fluorescent yellow to the hot pinks they are all colors you can try to see exactly what you think of the neon trend. If you are anything like me then you are going to want to start out slow. Buy small things like accessories, or t shirt and once you decide if this trend is for then you can go all out if you like. Above I paired my hot pink blazer( past Forever 21 piece) with a the dye mock tee(Shein) to brighten up the neon even more and added a relaxed fit by adding the mom jeans(Target) by Wild and Fable. I love the neon look but wasn’t sure I could pull off a whole neon jumpsuit but I started somewhere.

With the look above I am rocking a few different trends. I wanted to try out the oversized blazer look. I didn’t want to spend too much trying out a trend I was unsure of but also y’all know thrifting is bae. I got the blazer for $3 which was a steal. Then there is the mom jean but lets be real I knew this would be my jam because I prefer to be comfortable first over anything else. This look for me was everything and I think its just a great way to try out the neon look as well. Comfort with a splash of color is definitely a safe move.

Oversized blazer: thrifted

Neon tee/earrings: Shein

Denim/shoes: Target

Purse: Forever 21

Above you can see me rocking an off the shoulder crop top neon sweater( Forever 21) which I absolutely love. It is so comfortable and had to be apart of my how to wear neon look. I paired them with a must have wide leg denim pant( Forever 21). This look is so versatile and instead rocking the denim pumps you can pair them with some flat mules or some cute sneakers like vans.

Tell me how you would rock your neon? Which look is your favorite? Are you liking the neon trend?

Until next time,


Suburban Fashionista