Hey ladies, its been a minute. Ive just been really busy you know how it is when so many events happen in your life so you kinda fall behind with other obligations. Anyways I am back and ready to chat. 🗣

This past week we went on our Annual family summer vacay. Which is something we all look forward to and this time was no different. Although not very sure what to think because we were going to the middle of nowhere. We always look up activities to do in the area but again its a wild card and you never know what your going to get.

Well we went to Hurricane(pronounced her-ri-ken), Utah. We started the trip flying into Las Vegas, Nevada and drove 2 hours to get to our final destination. Can you imagine a 4 hour flight to Vegas and then having to hop in a car and drive for 2 hours? Yeah me either, which is why we decided to stays the night in Vegas and take the drive in the morning.

They weren’t to happy about being woken up out of their sleep

The next morning morning we started our drive to Hurricane which I didn’t even think of driving through the mountains. It was a beautiful sight to see but also so scary. The whole time your just thinking of how amazing God is because the views looked like a painting.

Once we reached our destination we walked around our home for the week just checking everything out and it was absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. The home was equipped to sleep 32 people, included a pool and a hot tub, laundry room, walk in closet, huge showers it was just beautiful.

While in Hurricane, Utah we ate at local restaurants such as Angelica’s Mexican Grill and Waffle Luv (those are the only 2 worth mentioning) both of those places we’re amazing. We also went to The beach at Sand Hollow 2 days in a row. The first day we drove UTV’s through the mountains and omg I had so much fun. It was even better because both my boys got to join in on all the adventures. The 2nd day we took a boat out and tubed out in the lake. Omg I had to force myself to go, I’m not the biggest fan of being in endless water that seem to have no end to it but I couldn’t miss out on the fun. I had the time of my life. Even the kids joined in( thank God I have them enrolled in Goldfish swim last year it would’ve been a strong no on getting them out on the tube) and they had a great time.

nephew (Kaiden) sister (Kym) and son (Gavin)

Many people wonder how we pick our summer family vacays and honestly its pretty simple. We start our search by finding a beautiful home that will sleep a group as large as ours. We then look at the price and figure out what we are comfortable paying. We split the pricing up based off of how many adults will be attending. Like I stated previously once we tackle that we begin looking of things to do in the area. So far we have been to Tybee Island, Georgia, Myrtle beach, South Carolina, gulf Shores, Alabama, Orlando, Florida, and also some part of Arizona.

It can be hard getting the whole family on board so sometimes it helps to make the process easier. What we have done is opened a family vacation bank account so that its easy to make deposits and keep the money separate. We set up a payment plan to break payments up into 2 installments and deadlines are set. Also we set up an amount for groceries so we have community food at the house once we get there for days we eat at the house or just for snacks by the pool.

I absolutely love doing family vacations. Not only are we building our relationship with one another and learning things we may not know about one another. We are also introducing our children to things they don’t get to partake in every day. I also enjoy that we are building memories and traditions I hope that they continue to carry on.

If you decide to travel to Hurricane, Utah and have any questions be sure to reach out I’d love to share any info with you to help out. I also hope that this encourages you and your family to think about taking a family vacation together. Until next time

Suburban Fashionista 💋