Hey fashionistas! I’m back again with a review of the latest networking event I attended. We all love to go to social and networking events, but when it’s comes to the price, we always wonder if it’s worth it. I am here to give my honest unaltered opinion.

Now this isn’t my first rodeo, last year I attended my first purpose planner dinner party and had a great time. So I was waiting in anticipation of what this year’s dinner party would be like. I was ready to mingle and meet some fresh new faces, and also meet some of my social media friends. I will be honest my expectations were a bit higher because ticket prices had increased from last year’s event.

When I arrived to the location, I was immediately pleased by the  venue, Bullock loft. It was such an amazing spot, and the decor was an added plus. I received a warm welcome when I came in as they checked for my name on the list. From there I found my seat and had a chance to mingle with the ladies at my table. It was nice chatting with so many beautiful down to earth women. Even though I attended the event by myself, I still had a great time. The purpose planner dinner Party brought out a lot of diversified women! They also gave us an opportunity to remember the night with several photo stations where ladies could take solo or group pictures.

After a bit of mingling and taking pictures, it was time to enjoy a nice meal partnered with a choice of wine or juice. However, that meal wasn’t so nice. It honestly left a lot to be desired. The food was under seasoned, dry and just all around bad. I was really disappointed because last year’s dinner party provided excellent food!

Once everyone finished their food, it was time for good ol’ “girl talk.”  The special guest for the night was Mia Ray and Janaé. Both 2 young black females soaring in their careers. My favorite thing about girl talk is that crowd participation is encouraged, and we aren’t just listening to guest speakers the whole time.

A question was asked to the ladies “Every no made me ___________.” Mia Ray answered by saying “every no made me a boss.” I really enjoyed everyone’s answer to that question. It put me in the place to know that I’m not the only person constantly receiving “no” as an answer. It inspires me to keep going and push harder.

So that begs the question, would I come to another dinner party? I sure would. Minus the disappointment in the food, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The fact that I was able to attend an event by myself, and meet so many amazing women is awesome. I would give this event a 4 out of 5 stars. I hope the food is better at the next event because nasty food breaks my heart!