As a mother I want to be comfy but as a wife and woman in general I still want to feel and be sexy. It’s funny to me because I just saw a meme where the guy in the video basically wasn’t feeling home girl with sweat pants on. I definitely feel like you can rock sweat pants a certain way and still catch a few eyes ?.

I decided to rock my lace up sweats from Forever 21, just to have that comfy feel; and I hiked them up just a bit, to showcase my black booties. These are also from Forever 21, and I love that it gives me that “grown women” appeal. I added my turtleneck bodysuit from Shein to show off some curves and shape (trust me when I say, you definitely want to own a couple of them). A motorcycle jacket is always a must! I always love that edgy look it gives that plays toward the sexiness of the outfit!

This look and these pieces are must haves in your closest. Feel comfy and sexy at the same time whether it’s a dinner date or a day out shopping by yourself.

Here are a few styles you can try out: ⬇️⬇️

Gray moto

Black moto from H&M

Red moto from H&M

Pearl detailed sweat pants

Pink lace up forever 21 sweats

I hope some of these styles work out as they are also some of my faves. Tell me how you get cute but also are comfortable on my Instagram or below in the comments box.

As always,


Suburban Fashionista