In no particular order I wanted to share all my current favorites that I think will get you ready for the summer. Every item below I am sharing with you has been gifted to me but they are also ALL tried and true. I’m

4. Glow Recipe- Pineapple – C Bright Serum

Glow Recipe Pineapple -C bright Serum is shockingly a must have for summer. Funny thing is I’ve never been one to use a serum and now I’m telling you its in my top thing to get ready for summer. Trust me its a must besides the fact that the packaging is super cute and the serum smells like pineapples. It make my skin super soft and glow. This item was gifted complimentary from Influenster.

3. Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit

Who doesn’t want the perfect smile for summer well with Smile Brilliant you get exactly that without all the fuss. This will have you laughing and smiling all summer long with confidence . Using Smile Brilliant is super easy and that’s why I love it. You can use it while getting ready for bed, listening to music, or while watching a little T.V.

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To get more details about my teeth whitening process with Smile Brilliant you can check out my previous blog post “At home teeth whitening: Does it work”

2. Cerave AM facial moisturizer with spf 30

I absolutely love Cervae moisturizing lotion. Not only does it moisturize my skin well but it is protecting my skin underneath my makeup. The Cervae I currently use has SPF 30 in it which is protecting my skin from the sun. It’s a must grab for the summer

1. Vera Bradley + Venus Gillette

It’s that time of the year where we are wearing short shorts and short skirts. Which sums up to its legs out season. No other way to get right but to grab the Vera Bradley X Gillette Venus collaboration. The razor is perfect and moves with you which prevents you from getting any nasty bruises on your legs. The shaving gel leaves your legs feeling so soft and smooth.It was seriously a pleasant surprise. This item was gifted complimentary from Influenster.

I hope this list proves to be helpful to you. They are currently my favorites and are in rotation or have been in rotation to help me meet a certain goal for my summer. Make sure to enter the giveaway I promise its worth the 1-2minutes it takes to fill out!! Good luck and may the best man or woman win!!


Suburban Fashionista